The Best Online Sportsbooks – Bet Safely

23/09/2018Online betting Standard

Sportsbooks are essentially bookmakers, yet it is a different term. Online sportsbooks have had a lot success lately as online betting has become quite a common thing, in many countries throughout the world. In most of them, it is legal, even, so people can do it knowing that they will not have problems with the authorities.

If, however, safety is a concern, then consider this online sportsbook, as it uses blockchain technology and allows for secure and transparent methods of betting where both your data and safety is a top priority.

What about the most popular ones, the best sportsbooks? Here are some of the oldest and most trusted online bookmakers.

Bet 365

Established back in 2001 where the internet was just a novel thing, this site has a good reputation and for many reasons. It is safe and has a top of the line betting platform which allows you to bet on professional and even recreational sports. There are a plethora of things you can bet on, including esports.

You can bet at all times, throughout the year. Customer service is fast to respond and also available at all times, including a chat feature.


This site is much older than the previous one, at least, the company is. Established back in 1985, they have a lot of experience with betting. Not only that, they offer a plethora of sports and accept bets both large and small, without much of a hassle. Add to that the ability to use cryptocurrencies as easily as you would a debit card and you are set to have a fine afternoon or years of betting.

Their customer service is astounding, as claimed by the customers themselves. They are available to you 24/7/365. That also extends to the betting platform. This site, interestingly enough, is used as a reference by many other sites when it comes to betting odds.


This site is also an older one, dating back to 1996. they were the first site to implement instant eCheck methods, allowing for easy transfers of money. They gathered fans quickly enough, yet that is just a start for any bookmaker. Their system is incredibly easy to use and almost everything about the site is oriented towards the player. Ease of use is emphasized as well as user-friendliness, in general. They also accept Bitcoin. They operate under a gambling license so that means extra safety for the gambler.


This one offers a lot of interesting things to bet on. From political elections to eating contests and anything in between, including sports, of course. They accept Bitcoin as well as other methods of deposit and withdrawal. If you want to bet on something you are yet to find on some of the biggest sites, then this one is the right for you.

In this world of online betting, these are the sites you should be looking towards if you want safety and something new to try. There are more, but these are currently the best choice.