The 5 Most Important Baseball Leagues Around the Globe

13/10/2020Baseball Standard

Many people believe that baseball is popular only in America, but that is simply not true. People all around the world love watching baseball, tracking the progress of their favorite teams, and betting on them to show their support. There are even various Bookmaker Registration Codes that they use to make their betting experience more exciting and enjoyable. While it is true that Americans love their baseball and have one of the most popular baseball leagues in the world, there are many more leagues that are extremely popular and that you should know about. 

Major League Baseball (MLB)

As we already mentioned, when you think of baseball, two countries immediately come to mind – the US and Canada. The North American continent seems to be completely obsessed with baseball, so it is not that surprising that Major League Baseball is the most prestigious league in the world. MLB is composed of the National League and the American League which were merged in 2000 and no less than 30 teams play in these two leagues. 

Nippon Professional Baseball

Baseball has been present in Japan for many years under the name ‘yakyu’. The league had to disband during World War II, but recovered and got back in the game soon after. Now it is composed of the Central League and the Pacific League, each of which has 6 teams. Some of the rules differ slightly from the ones in the US, but the enjoyment and the support fans show the teams is as strong as everywhere else in the world. 

Australian Baseball League

The Australian Baseball League has been on everyone’s radars ever since it was founded in 2009. Did you know that Travis Blackley, one of the best Oakland Athletics’ pitchers started out in the Australian Baseball League? Not only that, but almost 30 Australian players went on to play in Major League Baseball. It isn’t a surprise then that they won the bronze medal in the 2004 Olympics. In this league, there are 7 popular teams in Australia and one in New Zealand. 

Croatian Baseball League

Any true baseball fan knows that the Croatian Baseball League definitely deserves a place on the list of most important baseball leagues around the globe. This sport isn’t as popular in this part of Europe as it is in the US, but Croatia stands out. The sport was introduced to the people of Croatia during World War II and since then, they were a part of the Baseball World Cup several times. Even though Croatia has only two baseball stadiums, there are 13 popular teams and thousands of fans showing their support. 

China National Baseball League

Baseball has not always been as popular in China as it is now – there was a period in Chinese history when western influences were strictly prohibited, and that included baseball. Now that the situation has changed, Chinese people rediscovered their love for this sport, and in 2019 the China Baseball League was founded. However, even though this league is still relatively new, it is constantly growing and expanding, and already showing incredible results.