The 2019 European Baseball Championship

14/10/2019Baseball Standard

If you live in Europe, you are more likely to be a fan of football, basketball, tennis, or volleyball, than baseball. In Europe, baseball is viewed as a predominantly American sport, with the rules being confusing for many people. However, this is not really the case, as baseball has been a very popular sport among the Europeans for many decades, and the European Baseball Championship already has quite a long tradition. For some people, it is an ideal opportunity to relax with a good game; others like to make their sports experience more interesting by visiting online sports betting sites, in order to experience excitement when they are watching a game. Including the 2019 European Baseball Championship, thirty-four championships have been held so far.

The history of the Championship

The European Baseball Championship is organized by the Confederation of European Baseball, the main baseball organization in Europe. Today, it has 38 member countries. When it was founded in 1953, in France, the Confederation only had five members: France, Belgium, West Germany, Italy, and Spain. The first tournament was held in 1954 in Antwerp, Belgium, with four out of five members of the Confederation of European Baseball; France did not manage to gather a team for the tournament. The quality of baseball in Europe at that time was poor, and there were numerous errors in each game. Italy won the gold. Ever since then, the quality and the quantity of the games and the players have steadily increased, making today’s Championships respectable events. Fans of the sport can certainly enjoy some good games, as well as track the players’ performance, and their stats.

The 2019 Championship

This year, the Championship was hosted in September, in the towns of Bonn and Solingen, in Germany. A total of twelve national teams competed, and the Netherlands won first place, while Italy came in second, and Spain won third place. Israel and the Czech Republic were fourth and fifth, respectively. The final game took place on the 15th of September, in Bonn, where more than two thousand people gathered to watch the game between Italy and the Netherlands. The top five teams from this competition also automatically qualified for the European-African qualifier for the 2020 Summer Olympics, which took place in Italy, in September 2019, and where Israel came out as the winner. The Netherlands, who was second, will have another opportunity to qualify for the Olympic Games next year.

Is it worth watching?

No matter whether you are a hardcore baseball fan, or just want to experience that piece of American culture, events such as these are sure to spark your interest. The popularity of this game is increasing al around Europe, with more and more countries being interested in participating in the Championship every year. With that in mind, it might not be such a bad idea to go to the nearest stadium, watch the players, relax and just watch.