Softball National Team Competes in Europe, Aims at Tokyo 2020

13/05/2019Baseball Standard

While baseball did find a way into the hearth of the Greeks, a sport that is a part of the family is still struggling to get ahead. It is very similar to knowing all about the Sportingbet bonus offer, without having any idea about others in the same business. However, that soon may change, as the Women’s National Softball Team is going to the Czech Republic to compete in the European Championship.

Greek Softball Federation

Back in 1997, Greece became the home of an organization run by volunteers. The Greek Softball Federation has made it its mission to develop and promote softball in Greece. Softball was an Olympic sport between 1996 and 2008, and the GSF hope that it will make a comeback for the Tokyo 2020. The organization follows and organizes 16 softball clubs, and their goal is to prep the national team for the next big international competition.

The National Team

Tony Foti is the head coach of the National Team and a member of the GSF. In fact, he is one of the people who hope that future competitions will make the sport more popular in Greece. Foti has been working as a professional coach for several years all over the world.

26 girls from different softball teams have come together to show the world what they are capable of. Mia Marinakis is one of the four pitchers on the team. She was born in the year 200 in Chula Vista, CA. She is just one of several girls that are Greek, though they were born in the US and Canada.

Financial Struggles

The biggest problem with the lack of popularity is also the lack of funding for this softball team. It seems a shame that a country can be proud of such talent that has a shot at qualifying for the next Olympic Games. To remedy this, the team basically funds itself, as there has been no money offered or set aside by the Greek government for this sport.

Alexis Bazos, one of the members of the team has set up a fundraising page. Potential patrons are given the option of donating a set amount or a custom one if they are so inclined. So far, most of the donations come from the friends and family, but we are convinced that once the team shows what it can do in the European Championship, Greece will have no other choice but to support its rising stars.

Bazos said to The National Herald “…all of us Greek girls on the team have to personally fund the entire endeavor. […]We are proud to represent Greece and will work hard to make you proud of us”. If you are interested in supporting the Greek National Softball team, you can find the fundraising link here.