How to Play Fantasy Baseball?

30/04/2019Baseball Standard

Welcome to the fantastic world of Fantasy Baseball! You’ve probably heard about Fantasy Football or Fantasy Basketball before, and, if you’re a hardcore baseball fan, you’ll find that Fantasy Baseball is just as fun as (or maybe even more fun than) any other fantasy sport.

Both newbies and veterans alike can check out promos for fantasy sports and start their fantasy baseball journey on the right foot. Fantasy sports leagues are best played with a wide circle of fellow managers (that’s what other people playing fantasy baseball are called) with whom you can discuss strategies, compare results, trade players and engage in friendly banter.

Where to Start?

You’re the manager of a fantasy baseball team! You can choose which players you want to own and use their real-life statistics. After assembling your dream team, you can compare their stats with other managers’ teams and see whose team fares better in the fantasy league.

Players’ statistics aren’t constant; as the baseball season goes on, their performance can change. It’s up to you to keep a close eye on them and bench the players that are falling behind, hire a new player or retire an aging one.

The Draft

Within a league, managers come together and determine how they should hire players. Most leagues hold a simple “snake” format, where the manager who got the first pick in one round gets the last pick in the next. This ensures that teams are balanced and that the league will be fair, but it might also mean that the best players are snagged too quickly.

Another way to allocate players is to have an auction where players are bought with imaginary fantasy money. All managers start with the same amount of money with which they make bids on players. This is a very balanced way to allocate players that requires a lot of strategy. Moreover, some leagues let managers keep their players at the start of a new season. This means that you can carefully choose who’ll be on your team for quite some time.

How to Win at Fantasy Baseball

First of all, having fun is the primary goal of fantasy baseball; but having your fantasy team’s statistics and points beat all the other teams sure feels good.

Secondly, the way a game is scored is based upon a number of parameters and rules that all managers have to agree on. Most leagues are roto, meaning that teams get points for home runs, runs scored, batting averages and stolen bases for hitters, and wins, strikeouts and saves for pitchers.

“Head-to-head” is a favorite form of fantasy football where two teams face off every week. “The team that wins the most categories wins the game of the week” is the basic rule most people apply, but there’s also the point-based ruleset that awards points for home runs and other statistics during the game.

Like most other games, having the biggest number of points at the end of a league means you’re the winner! The journey is tricky, and there is a lot of knowledge and luck involved, but the real victory is the friends we’ve made (and beaten) along the way.