Greece will play at Belgrade in July 2017

In the middle of the summer, the Greek national baseball team will take a trip to Belgrade, Serbia, to participate in the European Championship on 24-29 July 2017. Greek baseball fans are probably anxious for the end of July to come but until then, they can play fantasy football on real money to take their minds off the long wait.

Hellas must win the first the first place the European Championship “B-Pool” if they want to stand a chance at qualifying for the 2018 European Championships “A-Pool” and the 2020 Olympics that will take place in Tokyo.

The 2017 opponents

So, who are the Greeks going to face in Belgrade? Greece is part of Pool 1 just like Austria, Bulgaria, Israel, Switzerland and Serbia. It’s going to be a rough few days for all teams because a game is played every day, which is tiresome both physically and mentally.

Greece starts on Monday, July 24 with the host country, Serbia. This will be the last game of the day at 5 p.m. On Tuesday, the Greeks will face the Austrians at 1.30 p.m. only to battle against the Swiss the next day at the same hour. On Thursday and Friday, Greece will play against Israel and Bulgaria respectively, at 10 a.m.

The pool winner will be decided on Saturday, July 29, 2017, at 2 p.m. when fans are invited to see the top 2 teams battle for the first place. Let’s hope Greece will be one of them.

The 2016 performance

In 2016, the European Baseball Championship was held in Amsterdam, Netherlands, on 9-18 September. Greece was part of Pool B together with Spain, Italy, Belgium, France and Croatia. Unfortunately, Hellas performed horribly and took the last place of the pool. Spain was the winner followed by the teams mentioned above in that exact order.

On September 9, Greece played against Italy and lost 21-2 F/7. The next day wasn’t any better for the Greeks because they lost in the face of Spain 1-12. Same thing happened again on September 11, with the French who won 1-7. Greece lost 10-0 F/8 in the game with Croatia and 1-18 F/5 with Belgium.

All in all, Greece didn’t win a single game in this pool at the European Baseball Championship from Amsterdam and was one of the losers together with Croatia who at least managed to win a game (the one against Greece, of course).

The Pool Losers were Great Britain, Croatia, Greece and Russia. This time, Greece won a game against the Russians and lost the other 2. This made it possible for Greece to take the 11th place, surpassing Russia in the final top.

The championship was won by the Netherlands with 9 wins and not a single loss, followed by Spain with 7 W and 2 L, and Italy with 6 W and 2 L. The 2016 experience should have served as a lesson for the Greeks to train harder and play smarter to obtain a better performance at Belgrade. Good luck!