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The 5 Most Important Baseball Leagues Around the Globe

13/10/2020Baseball Standard

Many people believe that baseball is popular only in America, but that is simply not true. People all around the world love watching baseball, tracking the progress of their favorite teams, and betting on them to show their support. There are even various Bookmaker Registration Codes that they use to make their betting experience more […]

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10 Greatest Baseball Players of all Time

20/05/2020Baseball Standard

Whenever they’re watching the MLB, many fans look for a website like the in order to search for offers that will add to their entertainment. In addition to that, what also provides entertainment for the fans are the players themselves – the golden players of baseball. Whether it is because of their incredible skill, […]

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The 2019 European Baseball Championship

14/10/2019Baseball Standard

If you live in Europe, you are more likely to be a fan of football, basketball, tennis, or volleyball, than baseball. In Europe, baseball is viewed as a predominantly American sport, with the rules being confusing for many people. However, this is not really the case, as baseball has been a very popular sport among […]

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Softball National Team Competes in Europe, Aims at Tokyo 2020

13/05/2019Baseball Standard

While baseball did find a way into the hearth of the Greeks, a sport that is a part of the family is still struggling to get ahead. It is very similar to knowing all about the Sportingbet bonus offer, without having any idea about others in the same business. However, that soon may change, as […]

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How to Play Fantasy Baseball?

30/04/2019Baseball Standard

Welcome to the fantastic world of Fantasy Baseball! You’ve probably heard about Fantasy Football or Fantasy Basketball before, and, if you’re a hardcore baseball fan, you’ll find that Fantasy Baseball is just as fun as (or maybe even more fun than) any other fantasy sport. Both newbies and veterans alike can check out promos for […]

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Best Baseball Teams in the World

17/12/2018Baseball Standard

It’s really hard to decide which are the best baseball teams in the world since all of them participate in their own national leagues, but we’ve compiled a list of well-known teams that have made quite a name for themselves. Read on to find out which teams we consider the best of the best. New […]

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The Best Online Sportsbooks – Bet Safely

23/09/2018Online betting Standard

Sportsbooks are essentially bookmakers, yet it is a different term. Online sportsbooks have had a lot success lately as online betting has become quite a common thing, in many countries throughout the world. In most of them, it is legal, even, so people can do it knowing that they will not have problems with the […]

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Best Greek Sports Bars to Watch Baseball

13/09/2018Greece Standard

Baseball is a very popular bat-and-ball sport in North America and loads of people watch the games with high interest. Many of them even place bets trying to make a buck or two based on their knowledge of the sport. Popular sports bar chain Buffalo Wild Wings has recently become a bookmaker, so if you […]

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3 Simple Tips that Can Help You Win

07/04/2016Baseball, Online betting, Teams Standard

With more than 500 million fans, baseball is one of the most popular sports in the world. When it comes to gambling, baseball betting is not as trendy as football for example. However, this situation is starting to change as an increasing number of sports traders start to understand that when it comes to betting, […]

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